Blockchain Game Development

We proudly lead the field in blockchain game development with our extensive know-how and high level of development capabilities.

Platinum Egg Inc. has been developing blockchain games since 2017, earlier than any other company in the industry in Japan, armed with 20 years of knowledge in game development, including NFT-based game design, smart contract usage and creation, original tokenomics design (patent pending). We have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide one-stop services from A to Z. We have developed more than 10 blockchain games and in terms of achievements, are one of the leading blockchain game development companies in Japan.

Platinum Egg’s Strengths


Our strength comes in the ability to plan, propose and present blockchain game ideas, backed by game cycle expertise and tokenomics design, providing a full scope of knowledge we feel is unparalleled in the industry.

Team Development Capabilities

We also have a strong team of programmers for both server and clients for execution, with extensive knowledge of blockchain games meaning we are able to provide planning consultancy, provide insight into advantages and disadvantages of various chains and methods, as well as current industry trends and support for/after operation.

High Level Expertise

In the visual department, we are able to create 2D illustrations and 3D models by mobilizing our team of experienced art directors who will not only supervise, but also be responsible for all modifications and finishing touches. We also welcome requests for animation using Spine, Live2D, Unity and any others.
We are very knowledgeable about how to deal with publishers as well as being able to act as a publisher ourselves. We can also take care of the world, story scenario, voice recording and any other features required for a blockchain game.

What we can guarantee is to deliver Platinum quality results.