iPhone and Android app and game development

We can handle everything from game planning
and scenario creation to content creation and development.

“Many of our members are major consumer game developers, social game developers, etc. We are one of the few companies in Japan with over 4 years of experience in blockchain. “

Why Choose Platinum Egg?

Blockchain-related development,
and game development, both can be achieved consistently!

We can incorporate AI and NFT as well as basic functions for building games. As for blockchain, we can provide planning consultation and proposals on the merits and problems of various chains.
Our ability to provide detailed customization and system integration allows us to handle everything from small-scale app/game development to large-scale development. Of course, we can also outsource development by department! We have a particularly strong team of programmers for both the server and client, and we can provide full support after operations.

Creative production, including scenarios and visuals, are also available.

We welcome requests for animation using Spine and Live2D, and we have a lot of experience in IP development and know how to communicate with publishers. We also handle world design, story scenarios, voice recording, and everything in between.

Development and Production Process

1 | Research and Planning

Based on the client’s requirements, we conduct qualitative analysis such as access analysis, competitive research, user surveys, and usability tests to research the target needs of the service to be aimed at. Based on the research results, we summarize the application’s user experience, formulate the application policy and necessary functions, and share the requirements with the project members.

2 | UI Design and Prototyping

Based on the user experience and service functions defined in the planning process, we design the screen flow of the entire application and the UI design of each screen. We also test prototypes at an early stage to promote sharing of information among project members and use a scrap-and-build method to give shape to the ideal UI.

3 | Design

During the design process, we examine the user interface (UI) by examining the device and user behavior patterns. While considering the information to be displayed and its usability, we provide screen designs that are easy for users to use. We also invite the client to participate in the discussion to create a design that represents the “ideal state of the service” toward the same goal.

4 | Development

Our engineers, who have been involved in application development since the launch of iOS/Android, manage the development of applications ranging from native applications to hybrid applications that partially incorporate HTM5 + CSS + JavaScript web applications. We select the most suitable development platform according to the client’s budget and requirements.

5 | Project Management and Quality Control

We use cloud-based project management tools for communication and task management with our clients. Real-time and close communication ensure smooth project management.
In addition, one of the most important elements of application development, verification work, is handled by a dedicated team equipped with various devices and OS versions.

We will propose the most appropriate process depending on the project.
Partial contracts are also available. Please feel free to contact us!