news Climbers, a Battle Royale race game with prizes, launches character sales

Platinum Egg Corporation (Head Office: Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: Nariya Takemura), a developer of blockchain games and NFT will begin selling characters for use in Climbers, a Battle Royale race with prizes.

Character Sales

The characters to be sold will be player characters that can be controlled in the game “Climbers,” a battle royale racing game for smartphones scheduled for release in 2023.

Purchased characters will be held in the form of FT (fungible tokens) compliant with ERC1155 called “character medals” issued for each character.

By holding one or more of these character medals, players will be able to use their characters in the “Climbers” game, which is called “character usage rights.

It will also be possible to customize the performance of the character by owning multiple character medals of the same character.

To purchase a character, you will need the Mithril Token, a token issued by Mithril Egg for GameFi/Metaverse in the Private Sale and Public Sale Phase 1, and in the Public Sale Phase 2, you will need the Matic Token for the Polygon network. Matic, a token for the Polygon network, is required for the Public Sale Phase 2.

Site for selling characters:

The number of copies to be sold and the number of copies available for purchase

  • Number of characters to be sold

  Kyle Celestia’s character medal: 3000
  Misaki Sakurai’s Character Medal: 3000

  • Number of tickets available for purchase per person

  There is no limit to the number of copies of either character that can be purchased.
  You can purchase as many as we have in stock.

However, the number of pieces that can be purchased in a single transaction is limited to 100.

 The above number of character medals sold per character is the same for both private and public sales.

Sales Schedule

  • Private Sale (AL-only sale) *Ongoing

Sales period: 12:00 on Sep. 08, 2023 – 11:59:59 on Sep. 09, 2023

Price: 1 character medal 17 Mithril

  • Public Sale Phase1

Sales Period: Sep. 09, 2023 12:00 ~ Sep. 10, 2023 11:59:59

Price: 1 character medal 21 Mithril

  • Public Sale Phase2

Sales Period: Sep 10, 2023 12:00 ~ Sep 13, 2023 11:59:59

Price: 1 character medal 6 Matic

Note: As for the price, Climber’s Management will set a reasonable number of Mithril Tokens according to the CoinMarketCap rate as of September 7.Please note that there may be significant price fluctuations.

Post-Sale Character Sales

After the public sale, Climber’s management plans to sell any unsold character medals in-game.

The in-game selling price is expected to be about twice the price of the public sale, and will be sold as appropriate to maintain an appropriate balance between supply and demand and to avoid price declines.

About Mithril Token

Mithril Token is a token issued by Mithril Egg for GameFi/Metaverse.

Climbers uses Mithril Token as its in-game ecosystem.

What is Climbers?

Climbers is being developed as a game for smartphones using blockchain, aiming to be a “playable metaverse” and “the most played blockchain game in 2023” with new innovations such as prize money and character medals.

Based on our experience and achievements in developing and operating multiple blockchain games, Platinum Egg believes that the “prize model economy” will become the mainstream economy for blockchain games in the future, and Climbers will create a more sophisticated model, basically aiming for a long-term, more than several years, more than social games. We are aiming to create a blockchain game with a sustainable economy by incorporating an economic model that can aim for a game’s longevity.

In addition, we won the top prize at #asobHack_Tokyo held by Alibaba Cloud in May, and have announced a partnership with Elemental Knight, a tie-up with PolkaFantasy, and a partnership with Yuliverse, The game has been highly acclaimed in the blockchain game industry and blockchain game community.

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