news Climbers, a battle royale with prizes, has become a Game Partner of “The LAND – ELF Crossing”!

Climbers are developing the game as a smartphone game using blockchain with the aim of making it a “playable metaverse” and “the most played blockchain game in 2023” with new innovations such as prize money and character tokens.

We are pleased to announce that Climbers has become a game partner of “THE LAND – ELF Crossing”, a metaverse farming blockchain game.

Through this collaboration, we will provide a framework for both parties to enhance the value of their projects by increasing the overall value of “THE LAND – ELF Crossing”, including its tokens, as well as the value of Climbers’ own project, and cooperate in marketing.

We also plan to continue to actively collaborate and co-market with various projects and organizations.

THE LAND~ELF Crossing~:

What is THE LAND – ELF Crossing?

THE LAND ~ELF Crossing~ is a metaverse farming blockchain game scheduled for release by the end of 2023. THE LAND ~ELF Crossing~” is a game where players can enjoy a new form of farming using tokens, such as trading of NFTed crops and various events such as fishing tournaments between towns and guilds, in addition to the fun of building a town by producing crops and expanding farms.

THE LAND ~ELF Crossing~ aims to realize a “Metaverse with Destination” where more people can experience the world of Web3 and connect their lives with Web3 beyond the framework of blockchain games. To realize this goal, we plan to expand our ecosystem not only with HashPalette, but also with many partners.

THE LAND ~ELF Crossing~ aims to be a hub for blockchain games on the Palette Chain, where users can meet other users who like the same games and enjoy them together through the social functions of THE LAND ~ELF Crossing~. It is also envisioned that a mechanism will be established to connect blockchain games that have signed the partnership with “THE LAND ~ELF Crossing~” to enable interoperability between the games.

■What is Climbers

Climbers is a battle royale racing game for smartphones, scheduled for distribution in 2023.

Climbers is being developed at Platinum Egg, Inc. with the goal of creating a blockchain game that completely solves the problems of existing blockchain games, such as “sustained economy,” “low quality,” and “boring.

Based on our experience and achievements in developing and operating multiple blockchain games, Platinum Egg believes that a “prize model economy” will become the mainstream economy for blockchain games in the future, and Climbers will create an even more sophisticated model, basically aiming for a long-term, more than several years, more than social games. Climbers aims to create a blockchain game with a sustainable economy by incorporating an economic model that can aim for a game life span of several years or more, basically more than that of social games.

By using a development team and development methods suited to blockchain game development, Climbers has been conducting a closed beta test since 2023 Q1, with phase 3 currently underway, in order to create a game that is comparable in quality to ordinary smartphone games. We plan to improve the quality of the game based on feedback from the closed beta test participants and release the game in the near future.

Climbers has a very different policy from previous blockchain games, which is to create something interesting as a game, and therefore have a larger user and economic sphere, and to create a heated and exciting game experience that can be seen in real-life situations through a combination of versus and user-generated content. The game will be a heated and exciting game experience with a combination of live action and user-generated content.

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