news “Climbers,” a battle royale with prizes, wins top prize at #asobiHack_Tokyo

Platinum Egg Inc. (Head office: Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Nariya Takemura), a developer of blockchain games and NFT, is pleased to announce that “Climbers,” a battle royale race/playable metaverse with prize money, has won the grand prize at the Web3 game hackathon event # asobiHack_Tokyo”, a Web3 game hackathon event.

Organized by Alibaba Cloud as a hackathon event to promote the development of new technologies and creative ideas, #asobiHack_Tokyo is the largest Web3 game hackathon in Japan, with a wide variety of teams participating.

Platinum Egg’s “Climbers” was selected from among many teams in this #asobiHack_Tokyo and won the grand prize (2 million yen cash prize). The game received high evaluations in all the judging categories, including game design, fun, and blockchain utilization, not to mention game perfection.

Climbers” is an innovative game that uses blockchain technology to provide a new gaming experience in which users can secure their in-game achievements as digital assets.

This award is the result of Platinum Egg’s recognition of the high level of completion of “Climbers” and the enjoyment it provides to users. With the award, Platinum Egg will put even more effort into the development of the game.

The award ceremony was held at the TEAMZ web3.0 Summit on May 17, and the session on Alibaba Cloud Web3.0 solutions and ecosystem was followed by the award ceremony for the winning hackathon team. GameFi was also introduced at the award ceremony.

We would like to ask for your continued support and encouragement for Platinum Egg and “Climbers” in the future.

What is #asobiHack_Tokyo?

“#asobiHack_Tokyo” is a web3-specific game hackathon for Japanese game creators hosted by Alibaba Cloud. Out of a total prize pool of 3.5 million yen, the best team was offered a 2 million yen cash prize and a co-marketing opportunity with Alibaba Cloud.

The hackathon was judged by industry luminaries including Mitsuru Tezuka of CTIA, CEO of JPGAMES, Hata Tabata, advisor of Digital Agency Web3, Rie Narisawa, game producer, Masahiko Murakami of Skeleton Crew Studio, and Minoru Yanai of Minto.

Attendees could participate in various Web3Lab events and seminars powered by Alibaba Cloud, as well as use its partner solutions for free. #asobiHack_Tokyo aims to be an important platform for exploring new possibilities and talent in Web3.0 game development, and to revitalize the Web3.0 community in Japan, as well as to provide new business opportunities.


What is the TEAMZ Web 3.0 Summit?

The TEAMZ Web3.0 Summit is an international conference held under the concept of “energizing the Web3.0 industry in Japan. The event attracts attention from around the world with approximately 100 top Web 3.0 industry speakers, 120 VCs and investors, 60 exhibitors, 50 major media, and 400 influencers.

The summit has been held under the name TEAMZ Blockchain Summit since 2018; in 2019, the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit Asia will be held in Malaysia with the support of the Malaysian government and the Royal Family, with great success. However, the 2020 and 2021 events were canceled due to the new coronavirus infection.

As one of the few Web 3.0 events in Japan, this summit is an excellent opportunity to gain information and knowledge to survive in this new era.

TEAMZ Web3.0 Summit:

■What is Climbers?

Climbers is a battle royale racing game for smartphones scheduled for release in Q2 2023.

Climbers is being developed at Platinum Egg, Inc. with the goal of creating a blockchain game that completely solves the problems of existing blockchain games, such as “sustained economic sphere,” “low quality,” and “boring.

Based on our experience and achievements in developing and operating multiple blockchain games, Platinum Egg believes that the “prize-model economy” will become the mainstream economy for blockchain games in the future, and Climbers will create a more sophisticated model, basically a long-term, more than several years, more than social games. Climbers aims to create a blockchain game with a sustainable economy by incorporating an economic model that can aim for a game life span of several years or more, basically more than that of social games.

By using a development team and methodology suited to blockchain game development, Climbers plans to start a closed beta in 2023 Q1 and improve the quality of the game over the next few months based on feedback. The game is scheduled for release in 2023 Q1.

Climbers has a very different policy from previous blockchain games, which is to create something interesting as a game, so that the user base and economic sphere will grow. The game will be a heated and exciting game experience with a combination of live action and user-generated content.

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