news Land NFT sale of Climbers, a battle royale with prizes, begins on Sakaba Launchpad!

Platinum Egg Corporation (Head office: Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: Yaya Takemura), a developer of blockchain games and NFTs, announces that it will begin limited sales of the rare LAND NFT for the blockchain game “Climbers” on Sakaba Launchpad The sale will begin at 19:00 on June 26, 2023(JPT).

The following is an overview of the LAND NFT sale at Sakaba Launchpad. For both sales, there is no limit to the number of purchases per wallet.

Private Sale

Date: Monday, June 26, 7:00 p.m.(JPT) start – until the start of the public sale
Price: 350 MATIC
Location: Sakaba LaunchPad
Eligibility: Those who are on the Climbers whitelist and have completed the Climbers quest posted on Sakaba at the URL below by 12:00 pm on the 25th(JPT).

Public Sale

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 7:00 p.m.(JPT) start
Price: 400 MATIC
Location: Sakaba LaunchPad
Applicable to: All those who have completed the quests about Climbers posted on Sakaba’s URL below.

Please do not forget to register your EVM wallet address with Sakaba.

LaunchPad URL :
Climbers Quest page:

■What is LAND?

LAND is a user-created, user-edited, revenue-generating element within the Climbers game. Lands are the stars of the in-game content and, along with the characters, set the stage for the game’s excitement. Lands are traded as NFTs, and users vote for the best ones.

Due to the nature of lands, sales generated when other players use them are distributed among land owners, map creators, and users who participate in the voting process. This allows the lands to function as a profitable asset.

Climbers are provided with a land editor included in the application, allowing anyone to create and edit lands simply by installing it. This allows users to freely create new stages and trade Lands. This is a very important element in the sustainability and economy of the game, as user-driven land creation creates endless content and keeps the game fresh.

The LAND NFT sale on Zaif INO on May 23 sold out within 91 minutes of the start of the sale.

■What is Climbers

Climbers is a battle royale racing game for smartphones scheduled for release in 2023.

Climbers is being developed at Platinum Egg, Inc. with the aim of creating a blockchain game that completely solves the problems of existing blockchain games, such as “sustained economy,” “low quality,” and “boring.

Based on our experience and achievements in developing and operating multiple blockchain games, Platinum Egg believes that a “prize model economy” will become the mainstream economy for blockchain games in the future, and Climbers will create an even more sophisticated model, basically aiming for a long-term, more than several years, more than social games. Climbers aim to create a blockchain game with a sustainable economy by incorporating an economic model that can aim for a game life span of several years or more, basically more than that of social games.

By using a development team and methodology suited to blockchain game development, Climbers plans to start closed beta in Q1 2023 and improve the quality of the game over the next few months based on feedback. The game is scheduled for release in 2023 Q1.

Climbers has a very different policy from previous blockchain games: to create something interesting as a game so that the user base and economic sphere will grow. Combining competitive games and user-generated content will create a heated and exciting game experience.

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■What is Sakaba Launchpad?

Sakaba is the leading loyalty platform for Web3 games, creating new gaming experiences by creating immersive in-game loyalty programs and vibrant gamer-centric communities.

The platform includes a subscription NFT for membership and an enhanced in-game experience, NFT Launchpad for distribution of Web3 game items and avatars, and a store and marketplace feature with a large selection of game items.