news Our President, Nariya Takemura, speaks about sustainability in blockchain gaming at CEDEC 2023

Platinum Egg, Inc. is a leading company in the video game industry, and our key mission is to explore the latest technologies and ideas. Our president, Nariya Takemura Nariya Takemura, recently spoke at CEDEC 2023 (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference).

CEDEC is the industry’s premier gathering of game developers, designers, programmers, and other professionals. It is held annually as a forum where the industry’s latest technologies and ideas are discussed and insights are shared. This session by Takemura was one of the highlights of CEDEC 2023.

Session Topics

Our Takemura presented a session at CEDEC 2023 titled “Sustainability in Blockchain Gaming: The Path to a Sustainable Economy”. In this session, he shared his insights on the opportunities and challenges that the advancement of blockchain technology brings to the gaming industry and the creation of a sustainable economic model.

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