NFT market system development

Responding to the growing NFT market

At Platinum Egg, we are providing engine provision and customization development necessary to launch an NFT Market,
as well as releasing our own NFT, “MARKET TOKENLINK”, on the platform and creating customized NFT Markets for other companies according to their needs.

About the NFT Market of Platinum Egg

TOKENLINK is a domestic NFT MARKET that works in conjunction with the game “CrossLink”.
The game aims to be a game where users can participate in the creation of the game world, allowing them to create the game, while also having the characteristics of a blockchain game, such as flying around the world, defeating enemies to win rewards, and winning large-scale battles to win cash prizes.
At the heart of the game is the blockchain-based token economy, and an important key element of this economy is land. The design of the land-based token economy, incentives, and revenue sharing will keep the various businesses and game users highly motivated to tie in with Crosslink.
By distributing revenue to land owners for contributing to the game, “game players can also earn revenue,” which is something that has never been done before.
The graphics of the game are also much higher quality than those of regular blockchain games, which is an attempt to solve the problem of the small size of the market, which is a problem of existing blockchain games.
The game is designed with elements that allow various types of businesses to be developed within the game, aiming to develop a completely new type of business that has never been seen before by connecting virtual space and real space, virtual currency and real currency, and many other things.

In cooperation with the IOST foundation, various functions will be implemented in the future.

TokenLink compatible game “CrossLink

While using blockchain, Cross Link has realized comfortable play through its own technology so that users can play without worrying about transaction delays and even users who do not have virtual currency can play the game.
The blockchain technology platform is also based on IOST, which is 500 times more powerful than Ethereum.
We also have a concept of “multi-chain” that supports multiple blockchains including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and are discussing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOST, and other chains in parallel.

Basic Plan A

For those who use TokenLink service to sell items

  • For those who use TokenLink service to sell items
    For those who use TokenLink service to sell items

Basic Plan B:

TokenLink Engine Provision

  • For those who use their own domain and server to operate NFT Market

Inclusion of NFT Marketplace

Various localization functions
Code provision
Integration with own app
Design creation
Cash/credit card payment
SMS authentication

Examples of TokenLink Customization Development:

Creating a front/web page
Integrating credit card payments
Integrating various crypto payments
Issuing NFTs to various chains
Development and operation on a proprietary server