AI/Deep Learning Related Work

Platinum Egg has developed applications, games, and other systems using artificial intelligence (AI/DeepLearning) capabilities for institutions and companies in a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Case Study: Next Generation Virtual Character NFT “Animak” Created by AI

3D VRM model with AI x NFT with a contract on the blockchain, where personalities grow.
Each character will be monetized by the owner and the community,
and we are in the process of incorporating the ability to distribute revenue using the blockchain.

December 28, 2021 – Platinum Egg, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a virtual character economy based on AI and NFT technology and governance tokens. The virtual characters will have 3D appearance (VRM) and artificial intelligence (AI/DeepLearning) conversation capabilities, as well as governance and revenue sharing using proprietary tokens.

■Unique AI conversation based on each character’s personality

Each NFT will have its own AI with parameters that reflect its personality. Each NFT also has its own knowledge base, allowing for unique conversations. In addition, the more bond points (see below) someone has, the more influence he/she has on the AI. This will allow the AI to grow and have distinctive conversations with NFT owners and the community.

■ DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Created by Owners

Each Animak NFT owner will be granted voting rights called SOMA, issued by Platinum Egg. The community, using SOMA, will determine the direction of the Animak Project.

■Bonding with Virtual Characters

In the Animak Project, bonding points are awarded for owning an Animak NFT. Using these points, you can change the characteristics and appearance of your Animak, and create your own stories. Animak NFTs will also be given voting rights (bond points) to determine the direction of each NFT.

■VRM Models

The 3D appearance of each Animak is created as a VRM model, a common format used in VR chat and other applications. Since the ownership of the VRM belongs to the owner of NFT, the models can be used freely in other applications and VR applications.
Commercial use, secondary creation, and more are all possible at the discretion of the owner.

■Cooperation Between Animaks

Platinum Egg will be developing services for all Animaks, as well as functions that will allow Animaks to work together. This will increase the functionality and value of all Animaks, with the goal of becoming the standard ‘virtual character’ in the Metaverse.

Next Generation Virtual Character NFT Grown by AI
– Animak.

Platinum Egg launched the next generation AI-grown virtual character NFT ANIMAK on December 28, 2021 at 11am JST. Each NFT has a different appearance and AI personality. 8888 common, 1000 rare, and 100 originals are available on the Polygon blockchain.